The Jones Firm has been known for its excellence in criminal defense since firm founder O. Russell Jones developed a reputation as Northern New Mexico’s best criminal defense lawyer. In today’s world, the charging of a person can end a career, regardless of what a jury might say about guilt or innocence. The Jones Firm has proven its excellence in the pre-charge representation of a wide variety of persons facing investigation, from scientists and executives at the national laboratories to doctors, financial executives and educators. If you need a lawyer who understands the legal landscape of a complex investigation as well the importance of early investigation of the facts in a criminal case, consider The Jones Firm. Should, your case proceed to trial, The Jones Firm is prepared to provide excellent advocacy for you before judge and jury.

The Jones Firm’s expertise in complex criminal law makes it the right choice for representation in internal or external corporate investigations. The Jones Firm has represented individual executives and corporations in investigations by the SEC, New Mexico financial regulatory agencies, OSHA and the United States Congress. Where legal expertise from outside the state must be brought to bear, The Jones Firm’s superb contacts nationwide can assure you that you receive the representation you need. The Jones Firm can also act as independent investigators of allegations of individual corporate misconduct. The firm has provided these services to businesses in the investigation of allegations of mismanagement, sexual harassment, and race and gender discrimination, and healthcare billing fraud.

Finally, The Jones Firm can assist before professional licensure agencies, including the New Mexico Public Education Department and the New Mexico Medical Board.

White Collar Criminal Defense, Corporate Investigations, and Professional Licensure ATTORNEYS